Samurai Flamenco Episode 16

png00028 png00029 png00030 png00031

This episode was fantastic! What a way to bring the series full circle, with the Flamenco girls return! Things are finally settling down with the action for a while it seems with the Flamengers including Kaname in custody, Masayoshi is their only hope. What I really liked about this episode was going back to its roots; going between drama to comedy and the subtle ominous music in the background. We finally get to understand Mari’s feelings and her overcoming the emotional brutality from King Torture so long ago. The camera angles on that scene were frightening! Great job MANGLOBE! Also for finally putting in the real animated 2nd opening to this series! [pictured below] I do have to wonder what is with all the octopus symbols throughout this series. First we have the 4 original From Beyond monsters wearing octopus necklace pieces and if you notice King Torture had an octopus as well. Even Masayoshi’s twin had one too. Wonder what that means? Oh and the umbrella Goto has from his girlfriend has an octopus character attached to it. Now I REALLY want to know who this supposed girlfriend is.

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