Space Dandy Episodes 1-6 [Introduction Review]


Sorry for the delays I have been really busy with real life commitments so I haven’t had a whole lot of time to spare for this blog. I have been quite behind on my anime watching too. Hopefully I will have a bunch of time in the next few days to watch a bunch and post some more reviews. This will be a quick rundown on Space Dandy.

Some time ago Director Shinichiro Watanabe’s project “Cowboy Bebop” began it’s airing in April and was not very successful in Japan, until hitting the United States becoming a huge commercial success. The series was an episodic series, that featured some storyline throughout with comedy and drama. Almost 16 years later, and 2 more directorial debuts of “Samurai Champloo” in 2004 and Kodama’s manga to anime adaptation “Kids on the Slope” in 2012, we are finally in 2014 with “Space Dandy”. This series is a retrospect to Cowboy Bebop featuring the majority of the creative team behind the 1998 hit classic.

Space Dandy is a science fiction series set in space, about a crew of alien hunters that roam galaxies in search of rare species for reward money. Which coincidentally enough is the same currency [Woolong] as in Bebop. With Dandy a boob-loving, carefree thinker, Meow the Betelgeuse some times mistaken for a space-cat, and Dandy’s robot assistant and ship navigator QT, they encounter some wild and crazy adventures!

This series so far has been comedy gold for me, because it can get silly with the interactions Dandy has with Meow in the first episode and his pervy pictures of the Boobies waitress at Breastaurants. The animation is THE BEST of this season and has a unique style of its own as each episode goes on. Something I have noticed with this series is the second half tends to be a lot more quick wit in the humor department than its first half. I can really see that from the second episode when the Ramen cook tells of his fateful murder of his loved one. I know it sounds so terrible! Really this is a series that must be seen! I feel like the characters are quickly growing on me, and I learn a lot of Dandy’s attitude and how he handles his alien-hunting life. This is especially seen in episode 5 with Adélie. That episode really hit home for me and reminded me of Cowboy Bebop and the relationship Michiko had with Hatchin in the 2008 Manglobe series.

Characters: 10/10 Dandy and his crew provide enough comedy to last quite a long time. The side characters like Honey provide the fanservice that will make you laugh everytime. Its great to have an episodic series like this that continues the emotions and relationships of these characters stronger and stronger throughout. Keep it up! Hope we run into Spike and the gang at some point in the future. [I guess this is wishful thinking on my part!]

Setting: 10/10 Every episode we are on a new planet, with new aliens and more comedy. Seriously the whole idea of jumping through space rifts and changing time, from what I’ve noticed in the progression of this series is really fascinating and fresh!

Music: 8/10 The music itself isn’t the best of the season, but it still delivers in its timing of the situations that happen, and the emotion of it. I will admit Episode 5 has had the best score so far in this area.

Overall Impression: 9/10

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