Kill La Kill Episode 17

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I really give props to this show…For quite a while now, I had a feeling Satsuki was heading into that direction with her motives. Although, the way it was executed [pun intended] really surprised me especially with the animation. GAINAX had something special in mind with this episode in regards to the score as well. I noticed some tracks in here I hadn’t really paid that much attention to until now. I guess that goes to show how the placement of music can really affect storytelling with a simply animated series such as this, and its previous works Panty & Stocking and Gurren Laggann. One gripe I do have with this series is the use of Mikisugi’s character. He is just SO stereotypical for a leader and teacher of Honnouji Academy. It is very typical of GAINAX to remove clothing off a character like that, but he does it way too much. I would have preferred his character to be the silent type that doesn’t overly explain everything in this show as it comes to Ryuko but I guess we can’t have it all huh? So Ryuko finally puts back on Senketsu and learns more of the truth behind Tsumugu Kingase’s past, and the showdown is finally coming underway. I really do have to wonder if Mako is EVER going to put back on her GOKU uniform again, because that was a very cool fight between her and Ryuko much earlier on in this series. The new opening by GARNdelia is so much better than the first OP. Very catchy.

Overall Impression: 8/10



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