Samurai Flamenco Episode 17

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I will admit this series continues to get more ridiculous as it progresses, but the characterization in it is what really keeps me watching this! This series originally started as Masayoshi wanting to become a hero, so he tackles small time injustice. From there we went to in Episode 7 with the introduction of Guillotine Gorilla and that completely shifted the genre of this series. It ran with a whimsical premise of a long-sought childhood dream of becoming a superhero and finally becoming one to ACTUALLY fighting King Torture and From Beyond. This posed the wonderful question of “is being a hero all that it is cracked up to be?”. Personally, I think Masayoshi is still pondering that question somewhere in his Sentai-filled mind of his. Seeing the Prime Minister change into an Iron Man-esque figure was downright hilarious and him getting more powerful through approval ratings HAS to be a joke. This whole sentai world that Masayoshi has created by fighting and everything turning Flamenco is the key to the series hidden truths. Masayoshi finally asked the question that we all I am sure have been asking the same every week. IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?! Something I have noticed in this episode particular is the way Goto acted, he became a part of this Sentai World without questioning Masayoshi’s actions whereas before Episode 7 he did. Not to mention he did have little screen time when Masayoshi became a Flamenger, and I believe that is critical to the identity of this series. Goto may have something up his sleeve and considering we still have yet to see his girlfriend is a bigger indication of that. His girlfriend having the same octopus charm as the members of From Beyond and King Torture himself is an even stronger indication like I have mentioned in my previous Samurai Flamenco posts. Any fans of Sentai series will notice the parallel threads throughout this show; the evil twin brother, the superhero team with a giant robot, the explosion of monsters, and hand-crafted superhero equipment. It is all in this series, playing an homage like I’ve said in my previous posts about this show. I really find a liking that this series doesn’t stray from it’s course of being just that. A series about superheros, real or not really dives into some strong questions of one’s hopes and dreams. I have had many theories on how this series is going to end up but I’ve got some strong notions its down to two: A TV series titled “Samurai Flamenco” directed by Goto’s girlfriend, OR Masayoshi is crazy and locked up after killing his parents and everyone he encounters in his Samurai Flamenco world is either locked up too or a worker at the facility he is in. Still I cannot wait until next week as the entire cheesiness of this series continues to make me laugh in disbelief.

Overall Impression: 7/10



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