Golden Time Episodes 1-17 [Introduction Review]


There really is not much to say about this series after 17 episodes of angst, tears, and comedy, just that this series is not up to par with what I had initially thought. The first 3 episodes were great because we were first getting introduced to the characters, but now it is melodrama galore. It is like the creators stuff comedy into the show when there doesn’t need to be, and the drama is downright horrible. For a few episodes we go from Banri unsure of his feelings for Koko, to Koko unsure of her feelings for Banri, back and forth. We learn of Banri losing his memories due to an accident in his hometown losing his memories of Linda and the feelings he had for her. The acting feels really forced and Koko’s character is really annoying. One of the best series that had drama in it was 2007’s NANA. THAT series is in my Top 20 best anime series of all time, and the drama was illustrated perfectly through the characters inner thoughts and feelings that resulted in smart and poor decision making throughout the show.




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