Samurai Flamenco Episode 21


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The final episode is airing this week, and I figured I should probably post about last week’s episode before this series ends. Oh MANGLOBE I really had hoped that you would have saved a bit more budget for these final episodes. It isn’t that this episode was animated poorly [thinking of Psycho-Pass episode 18’s broadcast, now that was horrendous], they just could have done a better job at the movements of the characters a bit more smoothly.

I will say they outdid themselves at the very end and upped the animation there but that was about it. Especially during the beginning act of Mineral Miracle Muse, the girls looked a bit flat. Is it just me or do the special effects they are trying to use in the show suck? The fire on Kaname way back in Episode 11 and the vomit from Mari was blue? This must be intentional for the sake of the story, because everything from 7 up to now has been one giant red herring for something so much more. I really enjoyed the comedic moments between Kaname’s wife, and his beloved student Sakura. The divorce papers haha! One shining piece of this episode was Sawada. Throughout this series we have seen him only a few times and this episode showed him at the MMM concert prior the Moe and Mizuki’s poisoning. The music at this point really set the tone; the mood of his actions and his obsession with Samurai Flamenco! What a great villian! We had monsters, a sentai team, aliens, and a battle with the universe, only to discover that one of the most terrifying things in this world is a middle schooler with a psychotic love obsession. The whole theme of love in this episode was done perfectly! As much as it was hokey and ridiculous the idea behind it actually makes sense. Hazama didn’t have any friends to begin with until he met Goto and he became Samurai Flamenco. Throughout this wild ride he has met many friends but never understood the bonds they hold or shared and this was greatly analyzed by Ishihara! It was very nice to see how Ishihara became Masayoshi’s manager, and her love for him! Going back to Sawada, this character is pretty ruthless, taking Goto’s phone really displays an act of psychological terror towards him. Aside from his denial that his girlfriend is missing not too much has affected Goto’s emotional state until now. This was done really well with Sawada’s character playing the part of Goto’s girlfriend in relentlessly torturing him as his girlfriend in the form of text messages. This was only to lure out Masayoshi to don the original form of Samurai Flamenco once again. A gun aimed at Goto and the gunshot fired, this has set up quite the cliffhanger and a hopefully well-explained beginning of the end. I really do hope this final episode is not rushed. Next episode is entitled “Samurai Flamenco Naked!!” I went back and watched this episode after writing this post and noticed something that might be important to the story. When Mari was on the phone with Masayoshi why was it that Mari looked surprised that Goto wasn’t hurt by attacks toward Masayoshi’s friends? Hmmmm…any ideas?


Overall Impression: 8/10





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