Space Dandy Episodes 7 and 8

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I have decided to try something a little bit different on series that I haven’t covered in a while. I will stick with reviewing only two episodes per post if I have been behind on episodes. Instead of giving a overview of the series as a whole I want to try and dive into each individual episode within the summary of the post. Let me know what you all think. Space Dandy you rock! This show blows me away every episode! I am really enjoying the English language track on this, Ian Sinclair has a deep voice that really captures Dandy’s attitude greatly! Having watched the English version and the Japanese version of this series as its airing is intriguing to me because I can really see culturally the differences between American and Japanese media and what enhances each countries likes and dislikes. Dandy’s behavior in the English version is more stupid than his attitude in the Japanese version. What is a big difference is Honey’s character. We aren’t aware that she can be smart in the beginning episodes in English, but the Japanese version delivers right off the bat that there is a hell of a lot more to her character.  Now let me dive into these 2 episodes….


Episode 7: A Race in Space Is Dangerous, Baby!

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This had to be the best animated episode of Space Dandy thus far! If you haven’t seen Redline (2009) I really recommend it! This episode was a big homage to that anime film, with the racing scenes and Dandy’s image similar to Sweet JP. The comedy was in fine form this whole episode. I was laughing so much! Dandy’s last resorts and QT questioning of his motives were hilarious! The antagonist Prince in this episode was perfect to disrupt the whole women fanservice this series had been throwing at us. The animators did a wonderful job with his “sparkles” in this! Especially the end cataclysmic events with emotion toiled can reach far beyond time and space. Hahaha!



Episode 8: The Lonely Pooch Planet, Baby!

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This episode was a more heart-felt episode, that really delivered with that dog. We finally got to see again that Dandy has a soft and nurturing side to him, without all the boobies speeches. The Gravitonians [hope I am spelling this correctly] were the comedic segment of this episode. They delivered a duo of one-liners that kept me laughing so hard. I really like how in this series we are given episodic content that improves the characters regardless of a timeline. I can quite understand that the Pionium that Dandy pulled in the very first episode would result in some kind of space distortion that would branch off into alternate dimensions. Something that American viewers would not quite understand without seeing that Japanese ED credits after each episode. The best part of this episode was seeing the fridge from the episode “Toys in the Attic” in Cowboy Bebop return! What a nice easter egg to throw in there BONES!





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