Samurai Flamenco Episode 22 [END]

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After the wild genre shifts since the anime began last October, this series comes to a close this week, and what an ending! Or was it? This episode continues where we left off last week! Goto chained in Masayoshi’s apartment at the hands of psychotic middle-schooler Sawada Haiji. 

The focus for the first half of the episode was fantastic as we learned how Goto dealt with the disappearance of his girlfriend. This series has always done a great job with brushing out their characters and it was nice to see that development with his family. The previous episodes have so much more of an impact on Goto’s character through the viewer knowing that he’s been pretending to be his honest self through another text message. Looking at, it is pretty sad that Goto has gone on this long pretending to be courageous and justified. Different to see that character mold broken down. I really thought Goto was a strong guide for Hazama, yet his admiration to make his girlfriend live on was really depressing. Really something you do not see in anime very often! His breakdown when his Mom lit the phone up was breathtaking, which in turn made Goto’s situation much much worse. The background through out this past sequence was crafted perfectly! I couldn’t have asked for more of a better backstory for this character.

There is only one question I do have for this episode. What happened? This first half was as brilliant as the first half of the series, yet when Hazama entered the picture and decided not to become Samurai Flamenco against Haiji, left me perplexed. We had been building up to the grand finale, and Masayoshi had begun questioning his own existence, his level of craziness so to speak. That was shot out of the water here! It was like the writers did not really have a concrete plan to bringing Sawada’s character to a close. It DID however fully come full circle with its deconstruction of a superhero genre, which was great!

The MMM girls went back to being idols and Flamenco girls by night. [It would be great to see a series just on these girls, they were wonderful every scene they were in!] I loved this episode for its moments with Goto, and its delivery on character development, but I cannot agree with where the writers went with the story on Sawada. His family chose NOT to disclose that he really was alive?! How does that make any sense at all. It doesn’t and that is one thing this series did well in. Being nonsensical, with plenty of questions left over for the viewer. Speaking of the characters, I was pleased with Goto’s development and Mineral Miracle Muse, and that was about it. Everything went back the way it was, Goto a cop, Hazama a model and the original Samurai Flamenco. I am even wondering why the series focused on Masayoshi so much when it should have left Goto in charge of lead character. It is a shame there won’t be a 23rd episode to answer all these questions, why monsters, why aliens, why did Masayoshi’s grandfather give him that power, was it all just one beautiful lie? I guess it wasn’t….




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