Space Dandy Episode 13 [END]


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I posted more screenshots this episode, because this was one of the best if not THE BEST animated episode thus far! I loved every minute of this! This was an interesting episode to choose as the final episode to air of the season. When I saw the preview for it I wondered if it was a backstory of how QT lived his life before alien hunter in the same vein as Meow’s story, but it was not. This was just another great push in QT’s character, in his ability to developing human-like emotions. According to the narrator this is not an uncommon thing…


Episode 13: Even Vacuum Cleaners Fall in Love, Baby

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This episode once again proved to me that this series can be very serious and heart-breaking. This episode was very different than what the previous episodes had been! Appliances decide to revolt against their human creators! I couldn’t help but remember the old Disney film Brave Little Toaster with this. If appliances were left behind by their human creators, would it upset them?  The story of appliances falling in love, and the impact it has on a society of humans and aliens introduced a new perspective to this show. Robots more so appliances are another race in this series that should not be taken lightly as seen in the 2nd half.

QT is a very determined robot and it was an interesting twist to see him feel really much of anything this time around changing his decisions. The old QT would have gone straight to the ship, yet he fell in love with the coffee maker and helped her learn the outside world. The atmosphere this episode triumphant greatly! The backgrounds were done so well and gave this desolate and dry feel to the planet. Especially the wasteland of dream island. There were so many appliances in this episode, it would have been great to turn this finale into an hour long! Would have loved to have seen development in the other appliances. The story that unfolded felt like there was so much more behind it to be told in more than 24 minutes.

Dandy and Meow had so little screen time yet still managed to up the comedy when they were. It gave a nice switch back and forth between comedy and drama. What a fantastic episode, that I hope to see many more like it in season 2 this July! I will hopefully have a summary review of this series and Samurai Flamenco in the coming week.


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