Mushishi [95/100]


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With Season 2 just beginning it would be appropriate to talk about Season 1. This series was so original for its time, and still remains that way almost 10 years later! I will keep this short and sweet. This is more of an introductory piece about Season 1 of Mushishi. This series is astounding! Since 2005, Mushishi has been in my Top 10 Best Anime Series. Whenever I think of an anime to relax to I think of Mushishi…

The music in this is chock full of traditional japanese sounds bringing each story to life! There is a certain aura about this series that I never had usually noticed in anime before. Another series that I can think of that was this compelling was Cowboy Bebop. Granted very different style with lots of action sequences and drama, Mushishi is quite the opposite. I am so surprised that the series even in its second season still remains in such creativity after its 1st season’s run so long ago! I think Artland have become some of the best animators out there because of this series alone. The animation can be lavishing when it needs to be, and subtle when the story calls for it. The overarching of the Mushi, Ginko encounters on his travels. Combined delivers an other world-like experience!

That is saying a lot! From the standpoint as an anime series it is rather unique, in that each episode tells a different story, some are longer than others and require two episodes but for the majority of them, most if not all the characters are varied each episode. Mushi are beings in touch with everything that shapes the world this series takes place in. Mushishi are travelers who study Mushi and help people with affliction caused by them.  What is awesome about this seres is that each individual story further develops the nature of the Mushi and lead character, Ginko. They are the two recurring themes throughout this episodic anime series.

Slow pacing and traditional sounds of Taiko and Biwagaku help bring this series the etherial feel its known for. It is really hard for me to pick a single episode of this entire series that I enjoyed the most! Some of these episodes span years before when Ginko traveled to help someone and throughout his travels he meets them again and unnatural situations occur. Episode 13 Hitoyobashi was an awesome example of time jumps!

An hour-long OVA began in January, and the second season just began its airing as well. Can’t wait to see more of this! Expect my post of Season 2 Episode 1 soon!

  • Characters: Ginko is the only human character that shows up throughout the series. Adashino the doctor, Ginko sells abnormal items from mushi is seen in a few episodes as well. The cast is huge in this series because each episode is different, yet they are fully developed as if they were pivotal to the whole series. Development is astounding in this series! 10/10


  • Setting: The world of the Mushi, to the forests to the villages felt like watercolor paintings where the characters bring the whole world to life, with stories to be told! Such a great setting for a subtle series such as this! Hopefully the second season will give us even more detailed places for Ginko to travel through! 9/10


  • Storytelling: This series is one of the best at its plots, due to each episode being entirely different in its characters, the emotions, and the backgrounds! I hope a few more series would follow what Mushishi has crafted here! 10/10


  • Music: The music is simple and traditional, yet so thought-provoking in conveying the emotional situations these characters and Ginko face with the Mushi. The shimasen was a fantastic instrument to use for a lot of the slow-paced scenes! This was one of the few times I have seen an anime really pull off music to help push the story forward! Awesome work here! 10/10


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