Space Dandy (Season 1) [93/100]

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He’s a Dandy Guy in Space. The backdrop of this series really brings back nostalgia of Cowboy Bebop. Come to think of it really all of Watanabe’s influence was written into this series with so much passion!

Yes! This is the series I have been waiting for! Dandy can be an idiot sometimes yet he really knows how to work this in his favor, what a fantastic push in a lead role here! Meow and QT allow for some wonderfully written dialogue between that just made me laugh so hard. Especially Episode 12 QT questions his companions honesty at looking at his phone!

The amount of talent brought into this show is unparalleled! When I was viewing this series I watched the English language premiere first and Japanese language second. I can really see that this series catered more for an american audience. This was probably a smart move because Cowboy Bebop did not do so well in Japan when it had initially aired. As the U.S. got ahold of its airing it was huge success! Japan soon re-aired it and became more popular. Watanabe gives off this special dynamic to the series that he creates, its world-building and characters. This really shows in this series!

Space Dandy delivers its seriousness in such a subtle way that it transitions so nicely! Episode 5 has to be my favorite episode out of the entire first season, because Dandy went out of his way to help Adelie find her grandfather. Unexpected development for a comedy series yet it paid off brilliantly! The animation in this series rocks! Best from the winter season if not the last two seasons! The switch in episode directors gave some wild episodes like the intelligent plants Dandy and company encountered. That was another one of the better episodes; episode direction can ultimately change the whole tone of an episode, and it was nice that a series so episodic can pull that off. It really is a shame that Samurai Flamenco couldn’t have that same sort of direction too!

Space Dandy excels at its plot by pulling in the pionium element in varied ways. The calendar that kept the Aloha Oe crew in a time loop, QT saving the humans and appliances by growing larger in size due to the pionium. If season 1’s more serious stories were any indication of how heavy the plot might become in season 2, this will be a classic!

A personal side note, I ordered the first Blu-Ray as its provided with English Subtitles and the popular English Dub language track, I cannot wait to see what additional material has been added to this release!

  • Characters: Dandy is hilarious, a pervert that throws logic out the window! “Going with the flow, that’s the Dandy way to live!” There are not a lot of types of characters like him that have so much motivation in nonsense that run as lead! Keep this up! Meow can be just as stupid as Dandy, and QT is the well-grounded companion of the crew! Not one of the characters is cookie cutter to the other, which allows for a good contrast in the cast. This diverse cast provide such a high entertainment factor to this creating memorable characters! 10/10


  • Setting: Space, the final frontier, or multiple dimension frontier?! Seeing a few different planets in this show created the atmosphere that it needed to move the individual stories further, and Dandy played off of this nicely. Especially in those Brestaurant scenes! Love those! Would like to see a lot more planets they travel to and in depth look into those worlds in season 2! 9/10


  • Storytelling: This show may not be as episodic as Mushishi where you can watch the episodes in a random order. You don’t have to pay full attention to get what each story has to tell. It isn’t one of the greatest collection of stories, because some episodes are weaker than others, but it DOES however provide a very entertaining anime experience! The pionium arc that interweaves throughout Season 1 is a nice way to tie together the parallel dimension arc that seems to be the underlining story of the series. 8/10


  • Music: This rocks! Electronica to upbeat jazz give a feel that this is defining the space genre again just like Cowboy Bebop did in 1998! 10/10


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