Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii

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STORY: Princess Nike against her wishes and lost a game of rock, paper, scissors against her sisters is forced to marry the Sun King Livius. She travels to the Sun Kingdom to meet the King she is to marry but things are not what they seem….

This episode was pretty hilarious for being a shojo series. There were a ton of series in the early 90’s and 2000’s that followed this genre. Often than not they were generally very very good. Kaleido Star is one of my favorites! Card Captor Sakura is a classic, and so was Love Hina. In My Top 10 is NANA, that series was really good at its drama, and the music was astounding! Thinking back it has been quite awhile since we have had a decent one. Nike reminds me a lot of Kyoko Mogami from Skip Beat!. Her princess background and unusual power soon to be revealed created a nice mix for a character. She was typical in her naivety getting her luggage stolen from those two thieves, but it was really very fun to watch! What makes her interesting is her charm. She befriended that family, and even made those thieves eat their actions. Haha!  It was all about Nike’s delivery and timing in this that shined. That was very cool to see. From what I have read this is an anime original episode to introduce some of the characters, and next episode we jump right into the manga material.


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