Mushishi Zoku Shou Episode 1

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I am still working on the categories section on the right side to make these posts more easily accessible. I will play around with this feature and see what works best so expect some changes over the course of the next couple of weeks as I mess with this. Onto Mushishi Zoku Shou. This is probably my number one favorite series of the spring season. Everything that has aired so far has been interesting but hasn’t left a big lasting impression on me like this series did way back in 2006 with its first season. Still cannot believe that the first season of Mushishi aired about 10 years ago. There really hasn’t been another series like it. After such a long wait, the stories that follow Ginko on his travels as he unravels the mysterious Mushi continue in a second season.

This first episode continued the tradition that the first season even the first episode of that and the OVA [Original Video Animation] set. Being genuine. A classic anthology of tales. This is what allowed the series to stand above all the rest in storytelling and its vast array of characters. The characters are so unique especially in this episode because they each have some kind of desire. Which in Rokusuke’s case, to become one of the best sake brewers just like his father.

Ginko’s introduction in this was rather fascinating as it developed more of the Mushishi’s curiosity of Mushi and the Koukai that was supposedly contained in Rokusuke’s sake jar.This episode followed the perspective of a sake brewer [Rokusuke], and his recollections of his father’s skill in the craft. The imagery in this was astounding! Rokusuke tried experimenting with so many yeasts to capture what his father left behind in his genius works, yet was unable to. That is until he brewed golden sake. This was known as Kouki. A little background about Kouki, it is the origin of Mushi life, and the fundamental element of all Mushi. Kouki is popular with sake as we saw in the first episode of the first season of Mushishi. This episode did a great job of bringing back the importance of it on Mushi in such a big way! The golden sake he brewed allowed him to not only attract Mushi but see them as well. Ginko pointed out that this was a double edged sword, it would greatly benefit the Mushishi but could become problematic for those that would get drunk and see them. Ultimately choosing the former left Rokusuke to really follow in his father’s footsteps! Remember how his father mentioned he saw lights and felt as a weight was pulling him back? At least for me it looked like father and son both experienced the same kind of phenomenon.

The Mushishi that gathered in the forest and the Shoujonohige that would drink the sake was an experience that left Rokusuke to become even greater. The sake was made so well it even fooled the Mushi into thinking it was Koukai. The direction here left me amazed. I could really see how Rokusuke was so determined at becoming a master brewer with so much patience and effort. We saw this when he pretended to be a Mushishi just to understand the Kouki and his sake. Little did he know that the sake’s yeast that he found was none other than another Mushi, Sumitsutou. It wasn’t until Ginko pointed out to him that such Mushi had existed. A mushi fooled Rokusuke into thinking it was yeast, by shape. The golden color lured Rokusuke into seeing that it was some kind of rare wild yeast. This ended up only to fool another Mushi into thinking its Koukai. What a tremendous exposure this left on not just Rokusuke, the Mushishi, but the Mushi themselves!

Overall wonderful atmosphere here! The music continued to be incredible this episode as well! ARTLAND really outdid themselves here! Let’s hope it continues on this season! The OP in this is the best of the season! Lucy Rose’ song Shiver did a great job of depicting the maturing nature this series has made for itself even after 10 years. Hope to see more series pull off the ingenious ambience this series outshines in.


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