No Game, No Life Episode 1

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STORY: Siblings are really good at video games, but when it comes to real life not so much. That is until they get stuck inside a fantasy world by a God named Tet…

So much explaining! They shoved it down our throats! Ten Rules were told within the span of about two minutes!  At least the animation was different. What was done right with this episode was that fact that Sora and Shiro isolate themselves from the rest of the real world. Such a great way to build character! Really good at games and puzzles yet when it comes to real life it isn’t something they can solve. Life isn’t a puzzle although to Sora he wants what looks like to be the exact opposite. On the other hand, Shiro is the loli character, and quiet. I really hope something more develops from her, and not just dues ex-machina, something earned, something grown into her character that she can establish in being a stronger person. Don’t pull a Bleach here and give them sudden power ups. The story was flash forwarding the power-ups on this sibling duo. Sora didn’t lose at that card game because he cheated and he’s been cheating ever since, art of manipulation to some others in the fantasy world. I hope the director can flesh the story out much better in the next couple of episodes. Really?! This guy has done a few incredible directorial episodes from Mouryou no Hako, NANA, and Aoi Bungaku. Come on now! This series isn’t worth blogging, but I will continue watching at least the first 3 episodes if this gets better.

Likely to Blog: 30%

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