Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin Episode 2

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Come on now! That really could’ve have been a much better second episode. We were introduced to at least 4 new characters, and they all felt very similar, despite one of them being a man dressed in a maid’s outfit which at least provided some light comedy. I really hope this series doesn’t turn into a harem. So, the school Juugo goes to obviously has a club built into its academic society that is to find Nanana’s treasures. Why is it always a school that pushes the introductions further? It would have been a heck of a lot more interesting if this was done differently! I still find Nanana very interesting that she is able to touch other characters even though she is ghost. Why is that? She is also able to play video games and eat pudding and how is that even possible if she is dead trapped in her apartment? I thought the light hearted tone of this series worked well for all this but somehow plots such as finding the identity of the killer is left behind. I do hope this series takes it up a notch. The redeeming part of this episode was the actual puzzle to solve. What a neat way to transform the room. Using gears to manipulate the room. This makes this aspect of it pretty entertaining to watch, just not the characters. So, the whole idea of treasure hunting does sound fun, but more importantly what happened to Nanana’s real body? or is this one big trick from her because adventures are fun? After watching this episode I have to wonder why Noitamina broadcasted an anime adaptation of a light novel. Hmmm. This makes waiting for the summer Noitamina lineup of Psycho-Pass re-edit season 1 and Zankyou no Terror even longer.


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