M3 Sono Kuroki Hagane Episode 2

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Yes! Finally we have got a really interesting original anime series! This is way different than anything Junichi Sato has directed. For him to do a horror series has piqued my interest. For the past few years we haven’t had an original horror series that was well-done in quite some time. Shiki was awesome but was adapted from a horror novel in 1998. This show is something quite new, and I really like it so far. Teenagers having the abilities to pilot strange robots, but this time they aren’t so generic like the Gundam series. The people here all have real feelings and their pasts ultimately molded them into the person they became. This was explained in pretty good detail on one person in particular. Come to think of it Bokura no was another great show that reflected this dark tone of a series quite well.

There are some messed up people in this show. That first scene was pretty graphic and hard to watch, yet for how short it was it shined in performance! Heito has two seiyu from what I noticed in the credits. That will lead to some pretty neat development. He had a disturbing background after being locked up was a huge indication of that. Heito is just as crazy if not crazier than Makishima Shougo and I wonder how that show would have turned out if it was from the perspective of him instead of on its protagonists Akane and Kogami. Refreshing having a main character like this!

There isn’t just one person here leading, its got a large range of characters to work with and the writers did wonderful work on the cast here! Emiru has emotional attachment issues as we see her trying to hook up with one of the guys. This pushed her into wanting an immediate acceptance from Akashi. Akashi is about the only character that has not developed a lot in this episode. With his brother being missing in the Lightless realm is about all we know. I’m intrigued to learn more about him. Iwato seems the most level headed of the group. Minashi acts like the child of the group of pilots, and his bizarre behavior where he licked the blood of the instructor was extremely weird. Looks like we may see more strange things from him. By far the most interesting is Maamu. She is such an oddball! She writes in diaries foreseeing a haunting future that is not so far off from the truth. She was very scared throughout this whole episode, and the most real person we’ve seen so far!  It did not take very long to have some deaths in this show. What a cliffhanger!

The music was quite varied here too! Was there more than one music producer for this show? Awesome series so far! The OP is slowly growing on me, and that ED by la la Larks is fantastic!


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