Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin Episode 3

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After seeing 3 episodes of this series I can finally say that Juugo is not much of an interesting character. I really did not see a whole lot of development from him this episode. All he did here was continue running through the puzzles constantly losing and at the very last second winning at them. Tensai was in the spotlight here. She was able decipher the maze while Juugo nearly died from falling numerous times.

I saw the twist arriving with Isshin coming a mile away. Everything about finding Nanana’s treasures ended up being too perfect there had to be a hinderance somewhere and sometime soon otherwise this would have been very dull. This was an neat change of pace for this show, but it fell off the tracks here. The delivery here was pretty bad. Isshin just took the scepter saying he’s wanted it all along, this resulted in some poor drama on the writers part here. Make these characters slowly develop over time! This episode was terribly executed in the way they brought in a nemesis treasure hunter.

This show is moving more and more into a harem than it is a real adventure, perhaps the bright animation doesn’t work here. Especially in this episode. Take some more risks! This was too cliched in its characters Yuugo and Tensai pairing. The development right there left an overall bad impression of this show so far. Not sure how much longer I will keep blogging this series. Come on Noitamina go back to doing Josei series! Don’t have another disappointing series like Guilty Crown!


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