Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin Episode 4

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Oh Noitamina, I will still hold onto my words when I said earlier about broadcasting adaptation of light novels. Just keep on taking more risks. They should get someone to adapt Ohana Holoholo, talk about an awesome manga. Anyway, this series wasn’t what I was expecting, this episode definitely changed my opinion on it. This is what I was hoping for in this series when it first began airing. It only took 4 episodes to start getting pretty good. Kanta Kamei directed Usagi Drop, giving us a great look at parental figures and the relationships of families, yet this series as it started was so sour. It’s comedy in the first three episodes was horrible, and the story hadn’t even began. This 4th episode still followed that route in that the comedy was pretty bad. This led me to believe that this series wasn’t about treasure hunting adventures at all. That was just background material to play with. Mainly, I was worried this series was going to turn into a harem series for a while, this episode proved that there can be a deep story in this.

Ever since Yuiga was introduced I never thought he was a strong person, and this episode just further proved my notions on this. Taking over the world? He really IS an idiot like Yuugo said. While Juugo on the other hand just keeps on taking hits after hits, but what I didn’t catch on to was his influence over people. Furthermore, Juugo just got a heck of a lot more interesting. The fact he was working for Matsuri at the very beginning allowing the audience to be so left in the dark on this provided the push Juugo needed for this series. We still don’t know a whole lot about him, I wonder where this will lead him?

The theme this episode really played on here was deception and the power it has over people. Juugo tricked the Matsuri group with the Nanana’s collection lying eye, and he also has left much of his past to the majority of the cast in the dark. The phone conversation with his father allowed for some strong drama to develop! One that pulled on the idea that there is much more to Juugo. He was really trying to talk himself up to his father, looking for some kind of unspoken for approval. He did not want to be like him only that he wanted to be acknowledge of who he was, and that he has one big grudge towards his father exiling him to the island. This was great! The father has ultimately pulled this show into direction, hopefully forward into finding out the identity of Nanana’s killer.

The animation was the best out of all the episodes have aired here. The fight between Yu and Yukihime had such fluid animation! Was hoping it would have been longer, but than again maybe we weren’t shown it for a reason. The music left the same impression on me that I had  for M3 Sono Kuroki Hagane. It was different than what the rest of this series has offered so far. This episode was a big step up to what we’ve seen thus far, and I hope it continues on this track. I do wonder who the episode director was here, because they did a pretty good job here.


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