Captain Earth Episode 4

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Ok I know I’ve been bit behind on this series, my real life activities have been very busy lately. What is up with this show? I really like the characters but they are so cliche. BONES is as much being cookie cutter with this series as SHAFT is with Mekaku City Actor’s parallel art direction of the numerous spin-offs of the Monogatari series. As much as I like how the plot is in this so far and being that the animation’s quality is fairly consistent I just cannot grasp why they would have copied STAR DRIVER again with its portrayal in people.

Let me start off with Daichi, he’s a teenager whose angst is driven by the force of the Engine Impactor and Livlaster he controls. Aside from that there has not been much of a development especially in this episode. We’ve got Hana, whom we know nothing about other than she can summon a Kiltgang robot Albion and that she is tied to Teppei’s past somehow. Teppei, where do I even start with this kid, he is exactly like Sugata from STAR DRIVER. He has been thrown in the protagonist-antagonist role, where we question if he is going to betray Daichi and everyone at GLOBE organization. Perhaps my favorite out of the cast from GLOBE and Salty Dog are the mahou shoujo hacker Akari and the uncle Nishikubo. Nishikubo seems to have a ton of regret on this decisions he made abandoning Akari for a while, while its refreshing to see here that he chooses to redeem himself to the designer children, I have the feeling something bad will happen to him. Nishikubo is a very intriguing person in this because we never really had someone like him in STAR DRIVER that clung to the past as much as he has. At least from the scenes we’ve seen from him in this episode that’s what it looked like. Also Akari for that matter too, her hacker skills proved to be quite useful here and in the previous episodes.

Here we finally saw more of the Kiltgang members Amarok and Malkin. Question. Did I miss a scene while watching this? How exactly did they get down to earth without any problems? They have such a struggle invading Earth, yet they can own a crepe truck selling pastries. Akari and Daichi did not even have a clue who they bought from, except for Pitz. Nice touch there. However, I just cannot believe that this series had taken the time to develop how much it takes to get a robot into space and bring it back down, yet they did not take the time to explain this tiny yet crucial detail on how Kiltgang got onto Earth.


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