Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin Episode 6

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This episode was a step up than what we had last week. The tone these previous episodes has been oddly executed but after watching this new episode I can see it may be a diversion to the whole treasure hunting plot for valid reasons. We could do without Yuiga, seriously the guy may have good contacts to finding treasures but he is a bit of an idiot. Especially after his speech on taking over the world in Episode 4.

Tensai is a much better character because she is actually solving these puzzles behind the scenes. Juugo has gotten a lot better too. I like how much the viewer is left in the dark when he works with Matsuri and with the group from last episode too. He didn’t get paid for the job delivering the suitcase yet he was able to pay his utility bill? This was nicely explained that he gave information on the ruins in order to receive any kind of payment. How clever! He is more of an informant than an actual high schooler. I also like the fact that the school isn’t much a focal point to the story in this series. I thought it had been watching the first two episodes but that is not the case here. Let’s hope I do not eat those words later on.

The comedy was well executed here too. Nanana is greatly affected if she doesn’t have pudding. Hahaha! Still the identity of her killer was put to the sidelines this episode but at least we were given some strong development in Juugo which for right now is quite important for such a short series. Keep this up A-1 Pictures! With this episode its slowly turning in a better direction.


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