Captain Earth Episode 5

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Finals are over with and its time to really get cracking on putting some more reviews up. I do want to say Mekaku City Actors is dropped its been quite a flimsy series jumping back and forth between characters and not to mention the plot has been all over the place. Mekaku City Actors dropped.

Finally! We have some strong character development here. Daichi rarely showed up in this episode. Focusing mainly on Teppei’s past as well as Akari’s relationship with her mother. Emotional episode! This section of the story posed the question “What will the Earth Engine be used for?”

Given that Akari hasn’t seen her mother in years she is finally reunited with her, Teppei never having met his father until now just proved how much impact this episode had on the children. The events that led up to all that has happened thus far started because of the adults in this show. Which in turn greatly influenced the children of this series as well. We saw that a lot with Teppei’s father and the decisions he made that led to his disappearance. What a fantastic plot this series has developed so far. Now that Daichi was out of the spotlight throughout the majority of this episode, I cannot help but think that was done intentionally for the sake that he had never met his father. Whereas all the other children met their respective parental figures in the past or in this episode.

Such a wonderful way to tie everything together in the end! This series really does have the same feel as STAR DRIVER, more so in its animation and musical selection than anything else. The story at first was pretty similar but now I can say its taking quite a turn for the better!


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