Captain Earth Episode 6

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Daichi is back in the spotlight again. This episode revealed just about even more than what we had the previous week and I must say I am quite impressed with BONES this time around.

SALTY DOG’s Reito Hirosue has really been a thorn in the side of GLOBE in a pretty big way this time kidnapping Hana. This did not last too long though, with Pitz feeling uneasy about it all. Daichi saves the day. I get the feeling this episode hinted that Pitz is somehow related to the Kiltgang. I like how PUCK and the Planetary Gears are just using Kube. I will be curious to see what their motives are and wonder if PUCK will go out of control later on in this series. Growing into a bigger threat with the vast knowledge the supercomputer holds.

There is such a nice contrast between Nishikubo and CEO Kube. Nishikubo wants to protect the children with everything in his power after the mistakes he made in the past with Akari. CEO Kube trying to force a utopian society onto the Planetary Gears [Kiltgang]. Its almost as if there’s an adolescent theme running through not just the children of this series but through the adults wanting to keep from having mistakes pop up just as they did so much in the past. Taiyou Manatsu’s death prior to this series start seems to be a strong catalyst in everything the adults are weighed down by. Especially Nishikubo and Daichi’s uncle Toshiaki.

This show plays on adolescence quite a bit between Daichi’s angst in controlling the Earth Engine whenever he deems the responsibility that is unfelt by the adults of this show. The typical protagonist of the story. BONES does do a great job at making a powerful, emotional story using this thread. We saw this a lot with STAR DRIVER’s Takuto Tsunashi. Still this series is managing to become a little more intriguing each week.


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