Captain Earth Episode 7

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Midsummer’s Knights. How fitting for a BONES series to tagline the kids in this series. I find it interesting we haven’t seen anymore giant robots yet. I am sure that this will develop in some way or another later on. One thing this episode managed to do extremely well was focus on designing a team. Daichi becomes a Captain becoming leader of his group which consists of Teppei, Hana, and Akari. I really like how this series has now differentiated itself here.

Daichi and Teppei are the only ones from GLOBE [that we know of so far] piloting giant robots. Hana has mysterious powers and Akari is a super hacker. This is proving to become quite a well balanced team. BONES please don’t give piloting skills to the other team mates, I find it very refreshing that the main characters are being tested out with their respective skills here. Teppei completely abandoned his Kiltgang Ego-Drive in order to save Daichi and protect Earth. Ha! Great development here! I really figured Teppei would have ended up siding with the designer children let’s hope that doesn’t happen! Although it would be pretty neat to see BONES jump ship here finalize the plot and turn this show into an episodic series. They could pull this off if they somehow managed to further improve on the Kiltgang’s background. Midsummer’s Knights traveling all across the galaxy fighting Kiltgang. Haha! That would be some intriguing storytelling there! Overall though this was a pretty decent episode enhancing the main cast even further.



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