Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin Episode 8

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There is not much to say about this episode. This right here is what I was afraid of to have in this series. Even more characters to ask more questions where we still haven’t learned from the previous events that have happened. I feel like this series would have been better off being 22 episodes rather than 11. At least with having more episodes to work with they could have spent more time on finding Nanana’s killer and less time on being a moe series trying to be humorous.

Here is where we were re-introduced to Tsujimi and Yun. If I recall they were the ones on the job that Juugo had to deliver a package to Kurosu Sansa. Oh and where is she at? They weren’t much in terms of the plot here, other than to be for background entertainment. Aside from them we were however introduced to Ikusaba Hiiyo an original member of the previous Adventure Club and the previous roommate to Nanana. This part was great because we are finally getting towards understanding the past Adventure Club and why these hunting adventures are happening.

I’ve noticed the last 2 episodes we have seen a lot more of Nanana and the room, I cannot help but think there may be more to this. Granted, we still have 3 more episodes left, hopefully that is enough length to flush out everything that needs to be told in a not so hasty manner.

With Noitamina airing Psycho-Pass Season 1 Re-edit and Zankyou no Terror in the summer suffice to say those will be better than this series by a long shot. However, I really do hope this series can pull through without running off the tracks.


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