Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii Episode 5

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This episode was definitely better than the last one. I really enjoyed how well they kept up with the previous episode. There was not a single bit of recap here. It literally picked up right where we left off! This section of the story solely focused on Nike and how much she really cares for Livius now. It was however a bit of a cop out that Livius had been there to save her. Come on now! It would have been very neat to see her do this all herself. Yet I can understand why the creators here chose this for a resolution. It allowed for Nike to understand Livius actions. The comedy was much better here! That balance between the child Livius and the adult Nike is incredibly well written. Certainly spot on and from the sections of the manga I’ve read I can tell its influence is pulled from that. The music is what really shined here. Aristes is the type of villain that isn’t usually over the top from what we had seen in previous episodes, yet his actions with his subordinate were a bit much. Slap in the face right in front of everyone. If that doesn’t speak louder than words I don’t know what does. How cliche that Nike would forgive Aristes there could have been another way to do this part.

This show has a very good and well rounded soundtrack. It may not be varied in the compositions it delivers, but that scene where the ritual took place was strong. I’ve been very impressed with how much the music plays on the story in this series so far. Has a calm sound to it when it needs to be. The dialogue was fantastic too! This is right where you notice the strength he displays to his people as King with his words. Nike was a wonderful counter of that with her magic! Creating a ring around the sun was a bit far fetched but it certainly got the point across. This is something this series excels in. Delivery.


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