M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane Episode 5

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Oh my goodness! What an episode we had here. I did not see that coming at all! This episode has been so quiet for first half. There is a unique connection between Akashi and Sasame that Akashi is slowly trying to piece together. They’ve met in the past, and the song is a strong indication of that. Even more so is that we know the pilots have met in the past when they were children but how and why? I am sure this will be revealed later on.

The animation was just as good as the last episode if not better! So much development from about every character in this series all in 24 minutes! Wow. Akashi’s acceptance with piloting the Reaper and him coming to terms with his brother’s death. Kasane’s drunk scene was pivotal to her character. She holds a ton of regret in her heart as a scientist. Also she lost Akashi, the man she loved, yet I cannot help to notice there may be a lot more than what she knows. Heito’s joy in being paired with Emiru. She’s been afflicted with dark metal that was revealed to us in a previous episode, and her fragility in this episode was astounding. This episode was mostly about her. She cares for Akashi deeply and wanted to be paired with him. She lost her parents in the Lightless Realm, and her depression sank in. That conversation she had with with Akashi was so moving. She knew what she lacked, and she knew was she was gifted. Her body. Huge indicator that the dark metal was going to consumer her entirely eventually. I would not have it to expected so soon though!

The second half more than made up for all the poorly character building scenes we had in the past episodes! Heito was feeling despair and loneliness as he was losing Emiru to the dark metal. I did not think Emiru could create an Admonition so quickly from her feelings! Emiru’s fear was the motivation Heito needed in becoming stronger. He has gotten even more crazier than before! Her terror and his terror, and her fears and his fears are one in the same as he said. Truly frightening stuff here!


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