Captain Earth Episode 11

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Remember how I said I was tired of all this repetition? Well the first part once again revealed the Setsuna person as a designer child and I thought oh great another copy of the last what like 6 episodes? Awesome….

It wasn’t until Rita Hino showed up in that bar requesting information as a journalist on the Kanda Incident that I realized what makes this series highly entertaining to watch. The side cast of people in this series. There are a lot of them, and each episode we have had a varied sort of these people with more screen time than the main cast. We rarely see a lot of development from Daichi only he is a poster boy for this series.

The swimming pool fan service was unnecessary, but I can understand how that whole scene introduced Hana, Akari, and Setsuna. Setsuna is isolated from a lot of people and here she is out in the open enjoying her time on Earth. We learned Puck arbitrarily awakened Amarok and Malkin. Nice work on creating twists with the minor characters here! The project install program Mao yearned for could create a sort of immortality for herself. Selfish reasons in creating Setsuna as just a vessel, yet I cannot help but think that might be the ultimate goal for other people in this show. Turn humans into vessels for the Planetary Gears to live off of. Interesting concept if that is how it will be used for the remainder of this series.

I did not expect to see that gunshot coming from her assistant whom is working for the mysterious Robin. This was a nice break from the string of awakenings we’ve had for the past 6 or so episodes. Great job here BONES. Keep it up!


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