Akame ga Kill! Episode 1

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STORY: Tatsumi sets off to the capital to find a way to make money for his poverty stricken village. There is where he encounters a nice aristocratic girl Aria, but things are not what they seem….

Depressing. This episode wasn’t the worst of the season but it wasn’t good either. Typically WHITE FOX does a fine job at creating beautiful atmosphere to wrap the story around. Here though was strange. It was so bright especially with the character designs. On top of that even in the scenes where the gore would show up the sequences felt off. Maybe its that the character designs are too childlike for a series like this. Too bad Duame couldn’t have animated this. Seriously what happened to those guys after Shiki? The animation in that was great!

The story was solid aside from it’s introduction of Night Raid. The assassin team decided to show up right around the end of the episode, and it felt a bit anti-climatic. It so happens that the rich family captured Tatsumi’s two friends and they killed one of them already. Yes this show is graphic, but this was all too coincidental. This was just terrible. The pacing was all over the place too. The past sequence where Tatsumi set off on his journey with his friends could have been placed much earlier on in the episode. Instead the writers here decided to throw it in the second half after lengthy plot development from Aria and Tatsumi. Not much of Akame was introduced this episode even though she’s the advertising character in this show. She did fight but there were little to no interactions between her and Tatsumi. I will praise this show for holding off on the comedy, there was a small amount towards the beginning but that was about it.

I hope the next episode will redeem itself here. Just way too cliche here. We’ve also got a not so good director too. Tomoki Kobayashi directed Amagami SS+, horrible sequel to a decent first season, yet this was the same guy who directed Utawarerumono which ended up being a good fantasy adventure series.

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