Captain Earth Episode 15

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I am at last caught up with the airing of this series. I think the one show I’m most behind on is M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane. Oh and Kill La Kill. Hopefully will have some updates on that soon.

This was the best episode of Captain Earth to date! The writers here just upped the ante! Fantastic episode! Hana went missing after using Blume. Which is no surprise here. Considering how this story is about teenage angst yet why is it that everyone knows about the ability yet we’ve only been introduced to it in the last two episodes? That’s a problem I hope can get rectified soon. Just felt strange. However, this episode contained so much information in 24 minutes! Hana is reunited with Setsuna again, and this was neat how there was a parallel between both of these girls and the squirrel creatures. I’d imagine Setsuna has a Blume ability as well and that’s how Amara and Moco know of it. That would make sense for them. Hope that gets explained later on. Come to think of it would be great to see an ova prequel story told about the origin of the Planetary Gears. Since episode 10, I can see this show has such potential to setup a great backstory to tell.

Great to see more of the outside life of people in this series. Being in the city where Hana and Setsuna were running from the Planetary Gears was great background. Finally something different again from what we’ve had and this show continues to impress me in that regard. Originally, I thought Setsuna would have awoken much sooner than this episode. What ever happened to that mysterious Robin character that was introduced in the plot earlier on? Hope this show can tie up its loose ends with all this information thrown at us here. Puck is awesome. So he was the one whom we learned two episodes ago that pulled the satellite into Tanegashima. I knew from the moment I saw this machine he’d have some correlation to the Planetary Gears motive of possessing human bodies. Ha, Kube had it coming. Hitomi finally receives the affection she’s been wanting since Episode 2. Cannot wait to see how the new Kube changes the story here! I still wonder if Robin is either Daichi’s uncle. We’ve only seen him a few times but if this show’s emphasis on minor characters has any indication I would not be surprise if its him or Daichi’s father isn’t really dead. Transferred into another body somehow? That would lead to some interesting changes in the show.

This was a solid, strong, ground-breaking episode that I hope continues on as this show progresses its second half. Not to mention the surprising development from Hana at the end of the episode here! That was awesome! Really enjoying this show a lot!


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