Sword Art Online II Episode 2

vlcsnap-2014-07-19-18h33m12s18 vlcsnap-2014-07-19-18h33m19s94 vlcsnap-2014-07-19-18h33m38s12 vlcsnap-2014-07-19-18h35m59s144

Rather than focusing solely on Kirito here we’ve got a new protagonist by the name of Sinon. When I began season 1 I noticed a harem side of this series that is totally unneccesary for the actual content of the show. Funny at times- this series inserted so many girl characters that developed feelings for Kirito that I couldn’t tell if this show was an action/adventure or harem series. Season 2 should dispel that for the most part.

An online game designed to interact with the real world in detrimental ways. Now we’ve got another entry into the series with Gun Gale Online. Kirito was barely shown this episode as it dived right from the get go into GGO’s world with Sinon and her team. I have to admit the fight scenes in this are animated really well aside from that there wasn’t a whole lot of information thrown at us. Oh and the first person view mode was a unique take on creating atmosphere for the world. Too bad there can’t be an episode with just that view. That was all that I noticed fairly decent that was shown in this episode.

Why?! Why did they insert a scene that wasn’t included in the light novels? Seeing Leafa, Yui, Silica and Lisbeth was random here. Totally useless for the plot.  Wasn’t Kirito about to explain what he was going to undertake to Asuna in the real world last episode? Did I miss something here?  I was rather disappointed in this episode.  Hope next one is much better than this. I neglected to mention about the song from the opening last time.  The op is very catchy but typical for this show.  So dramatic. *Laughs*

ED: I enjoyed the animation that they used here. The song is nice however the it sounds highly similar to Overfly [SAO ed2]. Both songs were performed by Haruna Luna.


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