Aldnoah Zero Episode 2

vlcsnap-2014-07-19-19h13m58s155 vlcsnap-2014-07-19-19h14m43s86 vlcsnap-2014-07-19-19h15m05s51 vlcsnap-2014-07-19-19h15m20s184

There were a ton of characters re-introduced here.  Inaho I hope you will actually do something next episode because there was not much of a development from him here. Also, Slaine why is this guy not going completely crazy after his lovely princess got killed? Unless he knew about the Vers coup. I felt this episode underplayed the acting here as it could have been tons better.  As realistic as it was seeing the humans run away from the Vers Empire, it was a nice change to not see the Inaho suddenly piloting a giant robot within the first two episodes. The animation was pretty good aside from the blocking looking CG they used on the robots and various vehicles. I will say that it’s much better CG than what M3 has been using- yet it really felt out of place here. I am curious as to why Inaho doesn’t feel much of anything where people who knew were dying left and right. Urobuchi sure loves to sacrifice his characters in his works, and this series is no different. Tons of people died in this episode and I feel if we would have had a different music composer here those scenes would not have had the impact they had here.  Those scenes were too strong with the music and less with what was actually going on in the animation. A bit too overhyped perhaps?  Sawano’s soundtrack to this sounds exactly like his previous works, I would like to see him branch out more!

OP: Just like Sawano, when will Kalafina break the mold and try something completely different? I enjoyed Magia when Madoka aired but this was so overplayed to the animation. The music in this series is way too much for this show.

ED: This was a nice ending to see. Animation was good here. Everyone is at war and they chose a song like this? Strange…The intensity of the song was a lot milder compared to everything else the soundtrack has had.


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