Aldnoah Zero Episode 3

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This was an awesome episode!  One that I have to really give props to the writers here for doing such a fantastic job tying everything together in 24 minutes. Much better than the previous two. Inaho doesn’t attack right away, and actually teams up with everyone in the group to experiment ways on breaking through Trillham’s barrier. Smart. These were some pretty sound theories that they tested. It was nice they used more dialogue to get through these theories, because there was a lot of turmoil put into this episode.

Last episode there was this problem where the people in this show have a tendency to underact. That just got thrown out the window right here! Every student aside from Inaho was scared pulling off their individual roles in the mission. So realistic!

Like I have said previously Sawano has a knack for writing the same style of music every series he works into. Here though it was different- I have to hand it to Sawano for writing a strong and electrifying soundtrack  to move along all the events that happened in this episode!  Not only was the music as amped up as it has typically been, the animation and the plot were on the same level! Seriously. We had revenge from Inaho seeing Okisuke dying and Rayet’s revenge on the death of her father. There was the Princess who was tired of seeing all this fighting, Yuki’s fear of the students all getting wiped out by the Vers Empire unable to do anything to help them. Oh forgot one! Koichiro’s desperation in ensuring Yuki is still alive and safe! So much plot had happened in this one episode! Especially that scene where the Princess reveals herself in front of Trillham and he’s freaking out! Slaine had a huge change after the credits! Finally, after learning the truth he actually does something useful in this episode. I would have figured this would not have happened for quite some time.

The entire episode was well-written and incredibly solid! A big improvement over last week’s episode! BIG IMPROVEMENT!


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