Sword Art Online II Episode 3

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There isn’t a whole lot a series can do if its trying to follow manga or light novel material.  Especially when it caters to a specific viewership or readership for that matter.  The main reason I’m watching this is because I sat through the entire first season and film.  The second half of SAO was pretty bad and the film was pure fan service and what the future holds for this isn’t too great.

This show is too generic with its characters.  We got a look at Sinon’s past- it is sad and traumatizing but how in the world can she use a gun in GGO?  If she’s so afraid of them in real life how is this possible?  This was explained yet still I find it hard to believe that just because it’s a virtual game that she can put aside her emotions for the sake of the story.  Like I’ve said time and time again about this show:  adventure is lost and a harem series is replacing it.

Sinon stole the spotlight last episode and now it looks like she has in this one too.  Add more dynamic people to this show!  Watching this and then seeing an episode of Zankyou no Terror, this show pales in comparison in every regard.  Even the robber scene was way too dramatic and poorly executed.  I do hope this show will redeem all the problems the first season had- wishful thinking considering how badly done this episode was.  The premise is interesting and they’ve created varied game worlds that are intriguing.  The animation is decent for A-1 Pictures but here they should take some risks with the plot- for instance don’t add scenes that are completely irrelevant to the plot!  I do like the ending animation and the song fits pretty well for the series.

If there were another studio to pull this off right with the light novel material I’d have to go with Bee Train.  Seriously whatever happened to that animation company after 2011?  They made some fantastic “girls with guns” series.  Noir, Madlax, El Cazador de la Bruja, oh and Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom was an amazing mobster series.  Speaking of taking risks, Hyouge Mono ended up being a great series too!  They should definitely have done this series!


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