Captain Earth Episode 18

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Captain Earth continues on being interesting because of how well it has been introducing new people into the plot. Though I cannot help but feel the ending of this series getting rushed now that there are so many people involved with the Planetary Gears and the Kivotos Plan.  What will happen to the new Kube, what ever happened to Daichi’s uncle, and will we ever get to see more of what his father did in the past?  So many questions and with only 7 episodes left it’s a bit worrisome.

The Midsummer’s Knights end up in Australia where they are ambushed by the extremists of the Tenkaidou.  Great shift here but the only catch is why didn’t GLOBE see this coming?  Can’t help but feel like someone in GLOBE is following the Kivotos plan too.  Is this foreshadow for Teppei to betray Daichi and the others?  If so that would make this entire sabotage scene make so much more sense.  Something that the story has been very capable at pulling of his how well the adults interact with the children of this series. Towards the beginning we had the relationship between Daichi and Nishikubo with the idea that kids need to be protected. Here we get a woman whose abandoned her daughter Akari and as she has realized her regrets it’s reflected extremely well towards Hana. If I recall Tsubaki mentioned how this was the only time she heard Akari had a friend in Akari. Translating nicely from this theme of protecting the kids of the world into giving them the freedom they need to grow and become stronger. The narrative manages very well throughout this entire episode.

Please don’t rush the rest of these episodes- this is where I can see that Hana could be captured very easily.  Considering how as straightforward in protecting her as its been so far it’s more likely that this will be the case here.  Refreshing to see that this episode was not devoted to the Planetary Gears at all as they’ve taken a back seat here in establishing the main cast.  Pushing aside the problems that this episode had with the sudden sabotage I’d say this was some much needed development especially for Hana and even Teppei.  That beam attack Daichi unleashed was pretty damn incredible.  Nice animation to go along with it too!


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