M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane Episode 16

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Mahou Shoujo Tai was a whimsical view of teenage witches. Shinsekai Yori followed six children uncovering a secret at a telepathic academy.  Now and Then, Here and There and eve Bokurano had a diverse set of characters that gradually grew as the episodes went on.

I even recall mentioning how much this series reminded me of Noein.  That series started off with Haruka as a younger teen growing up throughout the series.  The time travel aspect of the show was an intriguing take on a coming-of-age series.  As it took some of the kids in the show and merged them into the plot with their future selves.  The emotions those kids displayed came off much stronger than M3 Sono Kuroki Hagane.

Oh Junichi Sato what are you doing to this series?  I was glad to hear that he was working on a series that he has never really done before.  Branching out into a horror mecha series.  Honestly though I can’t classify M3 as a horror show anymore as its deviated from the mysterious Admonition in favor of angst teenagers that ultimately created the Lightless Realm.  Did Mari Okada just pull this out of thin air?  Tsumugi’s background was that just thrown in too?  How convenient that she is advancing the Lightless Realm and Admonitions power because she was left only behind by her friends.  Is that reason enough to disrupt the world?  This was boring!

Also I want to point out how this is a perfect example of how NOT to do an episode- especially when most of it is when the pilots were kids harboring an admonition.  I will say one thing that the animation has gotten much smoother than before and I like how we saw what the city looked like while it was turning into the Lightless Realm.  This episode would have had a stronger impact if it had showed up much much earlier on say around episode 4.  The story however was horrible here.  I will keep reviewing this series as I’ve made it this far- I hope it shapes up soon because it may end up derailing even further.


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