Captain Earth Episode 19

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So now we’ve come full circle.  I would not have guessed that Hana’s entrapment from the very beginning would be a giant ship.  This reminds me a lot of how much thought the creators put into Eureka Seven when I saw this.  I only say this because of the strong bond between Renton and Eureka that was foreshadowed throughout that entire series.   Not to mention Ao as well.  Daichi and Hana seem to have that similar connection.  It is in how much parents have an influence on the younger generations- at least that’s the theme I get from watching that series back then and this show.

With Captain Earth we’ve got Daichi a young man who is deemed the responsibility of captain just as his father was.  Here is where he most inevitably becomes a leader for the group stranded in Australia.  Hana a mysterious girl with the power to control an Engine drive and fully function Blume has gotten a lot stronger since she first appeared.  She voluntarily goes along with the mission Nishikubo prepared.  She has friends now that she cares about- this episode strengthened how much she’s bonded over the series with Daichi and the others.  More so in how much of an independent woman she’s become.  Teppei originally a Planetary Gear threw away his Ego Block for the sake of his friends- his father father’s genes were used in creating him, everything known to him has been a lie except the Midsummer’s Knights.  Somehow I cannot see the future boding well for Teppei.  Glad Gen Urobuchi isn’t right this.  Akari is a magical hacker that here again we are proven once again of her skills.  You know if this were Zankyou no Terror it would have fully explained what she did but a mecha series like this doesn’t have time for that with so many people here.

I was a tad bit surprised by this episode only that Hana did not get captured by Salty Dog.  When will they ever learn?  Because of this I felt the episode was slightly disappointing.  Aside from the Planetary Gears the other villains in this show just aren’t getting the screen time they need to develop an episode like this one that much stronger.

I don’t think I’ve brought this up often but the music is fairly decent here.  MONACA.  Star Driver’s soundtrack was elevated higher because of how prevalent it was to the story, here not so much and the writers are still able to squeeze in a varied selection of music to enhance the scenes.  I knew I recognized Daichi’s voice, it’s Jinta from AnoHana!  Sounded really familiar.


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