Captain Earth Episode 21

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I want to give everyone a heads up if they don’t already know.  Noitamina is running a broadcasting pause this week- Zankyou no Terror and Psycho-Pass Re:Edit will not be airing until next week [9/4].  So expect to see my post on Zankyou to arrive sometime next week.

Ok, this wasn’t too bad but not great either.  Oh Gen Urobuchi if you wrote this more than half the Planetary Gears would be dead, possibly Teppei included and Hana would go missing.  Both Star Driver and Captain Earth handles its characters so delicately and this was definitely the episode that emphasized that greatly.

Operation Summer gets sidelined by Reito and Ai attacking Nebula along with the Tenkaido using asteroids allowed the episode to be a little more interesting.  Great move but it the scene where the Earth Engine Impactor unleashes its new attack on that entire area leaving Teppei alive was rather cheesy.  Usually I will let it pass considering how supernaturally fun Captain Earth has been but this was ridiculous.  What saved him?

I do want to point out how much the writers stuffed into this episode- surprising how quickly Daichi saved Hana from Reito.  I was expecting so kind of fight.  Reito’s resolve towards the end their was typical of Yoji Enokido- as he did the same exact thing in Star Driver too!  It was great to see the first time around but here it ended up being stale and very predictable.


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