Barakamon Episode 7

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It has actually been a few weeks since I’ve even watched this show and how i’ve forgotten how slow-paced, and realistically funny it was.  It’s an anime like this that could have been pretty different on Noitamina.  We’ve had quite a ton of original action series in the past few years on that programming block so it’d be nice to see another light-hearted comedy series similar to Honey and Clover or even Moyashimon come back on the scene.

This was the best episode we’ve had so far- if not better than the first.  Finally the writers here decide to break the mold in that the entire 24 minutes was one whole plot. Going fishing on the last day of their trip, Kawafuji and Kanzaki are pulled into village life even further than they had been before.

I was surprised to say the least that just an episode ago they had arrived on the island trying to fit in and by the end of their fishing escapades, including the very funny Hisan-iwo scene definitely broke down any initial fears that Kawafuji and Kanzaki had about Seishuu being in the village.  They very much let go here- having quite the laugh!  From the beginning more especially Kanzaki was confused about how to fish, and by the end he is the one who is left alone only with just a fishing pole stuck in water.  That entire moment built it up in creating a strong bond between the differences of city people and village folk.  Nice contrast to add these city characters in even though Naru has had her serious scenes removed for more comedic moments!

The creators actually took the time in handling their departure fairly well as this was great and seemed very real.  Souvenirs to take back to Tokyo transitioned quite nicely into Kawafuji noticing how much Seishuu had changed especially with his outlook about his father.  Barakamon chooses to be very soft in just about every scene which can be a nice break sometimes from the anime of this season that are either very intense or greatly action-packed.

From when Naru pushed Seishu and his buddies into the water to  and Kenji Kawai has done a remarkable job at adding some realism to it all.  That song at the end was reminiscent of Serei no Moribito’s slow moving soundtrack- the guy really likes to use string instruments with bright melodies a lot.

Haha the metal detector scene was pretty funny and the animators did a great job at reflecting that with Tamako’s reaction.  Kawafuji after the credits in his mask had to be the most hilarious part of it all- so subtle!


2 thoughts on “Barakamon Episode 7

  1. Barakamon doesn’t have the flash or genius of Space Dandy, it doesn’t have the dark and gripping story of Tokyo Ghoul but it’s still one of the greats of the season because it is so, so, so well told. The pastel coloured locations are gorgeous, the characters are cute and memorable (especially Naru), the seiyuu measure their performances brilliantly and the music is relaxing. The anime is warm, gentle, realistic and a welcome breath of fresh air in a season packed with so much action!

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