Kill la Kill Episode 20

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I know this is way past its airing but I figured what the hell. Might as well get the rest of these out.  I’ve had these sitting in my drafts for quite some time and decided to add some finishing touches to the posts.

I absolutely love Gainax series.  Technically this isn’t a Gainax series but one done by former employees of the company.  Animation studio Trigger.  These guys are fantastic when it comes to creating anime that is unique yet still has so many tropes thrown in that keep it refreshing.  This is their first full fledged anime series separate from Gainax and it has been a tremendous experience!  Every episode has reminded me of how intense Gurren Laggann was- I say this because that series and now Kill la Kill has consistently been able to be fully energetic in action, humor, drama, and animation!

There were so many different angle shots in this- especially where Ryuko rode off on her bike in the beginning.  It’s great to finally see the Elite Four join up with Nudist Beach- much earlier this show had pitted them against each other and now we’ve got them side-by-side against Ragyo!  This anime is never subtle when it comes to the resolve of its characters- most notably Aikuro’s flashy nude scenes gives off such highly engaging comedy.  That scene where Mako is reunited with her family was pretty powerful- Sawano did a terrific job on the soundtrack here just like Aldnoah.Zero.  This has to be one of my favorite soundtracks of 2013.  Here though it’s on a different level because the scenes in this show even this episode are wild as characters fly pass the screen unclothed, and some are getting attacked by COVERS!  Nothing can hold this show back- even when Satsuki is escaping her cell fighting off the guards completely in the nude!  Haha!  This show is so much fun to watch!  I had a feeling Ryuko would get manipulated but have to hand it to Imaishi for handling this very well- what an adrenaline rush between Ryuko and Satsuki- Satsuki wearing Senketsu and Ryuko wearing Junketsu!  Awesome cliffhanger too!


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