Space Dandy Episode 24

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Episode 24: An Other-Dimensional Tale, Baby

Satoshi Saga, this guy is a fairly solid director.  Wrote one of the most comical episodes of Space Dandy’s first half– Episode 13.  QT discovered a love for fishing and the gang is mixed up with a Chameleonian.  But the big surprise here was the return of writer and physicist Toh EnJoe and the first time he’s ever worked on an anime ever was Episode 11.  Here he is again at another story about Dandy!

Visually diverse and stunning, this episode had the 3-D scenes drawn by the animator [Tsunenori Saito] of Cowboy Bebop, and Toshihiro Kawamoto helped with the 2-D universe segments.  As great as this show is when having one animation director per episode it’s always nice that we’re treated to various styles and directing on some of these Dandy tales.  This can change perspectives about the main cast quite a bit!

Only two more episodes left!  Dandy is back in the main role here as we learn more about his past!  This was one of the most ambitious entries that goes in-depth with the concept of universes, as it takes the energizing scenes of the Dolph episode and completely flips it– the beginning hotel scene with Katherine and Dandy,  the warping discussion towards the end.  Dandy is seen as a pervert throughout this show, and with last episode’s comedic banter, cheesy romance parts and groovy soundtrack it is with a huge surprise how agitated he was throughout this entire episode!  There were quite a few parts of this episode that had this serious feel and slow-pacing that reminded me of Cowboy Bebop.

So, Dandy is caught up in an intergalactic war between dimensions.  Sounds straight-forward right?  Well if being in love with a 4-D heart-shaped box wasn’t mind bending enough, this episode visually toyed with the retro gaming era of the early 80’s. Finally we’ve got a Dandy episode that uses the idea of multiple universes in which it integrates 2-D style animation into its plot– Dr. Gel’s comment about evading the attacks would be difficult because of the two dimensional distortion and Dandy’s overall frustration with Paul the king of the 2-D world played with this wonderfully!  Space Dandy has definitely been weird, but none has taken it’s plot to another level this high with so much science to back it up!  As completely different as these episodes have been this second half has taken a giant leap than what we had in the first thirteen episodes– Dandy’s adventures have been much crazier than before.  Not only was this episode obscure, inventive and fun, but it was an adventure that finally exposes what we’ve all been theorizing– Dandy travels through multi-universes!  Those 2-D sound effects and the universe itself were a clever way to tie in advertisement for the Space Dandy version of Galaga– Super Space Galaga.

Curious to see what the next story takes us through as Dandy is on trial for murder.


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