Barakamon Episode 10

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This was one of the more intriguing episodes as the cliffhanger from last time was gradually built up here.  This was great, because it has closed off a few of the jobs that Seishu has been doing throughout this show–  Tama and Miwa’s calligraphy lessons, helping the kids with work,  and a new job at the shrine. It’s a pattern that can get tedious at times, but this has been a series that gently sets the viewer at ease with a slow pace to develop these characters in slightly different situations.

I’m glad this show didn’t do what one of the previous episodes did and focus solely on his work on the re-writing the names.  This just illustrates how much Seishu has grown thanks to the small town and the experiences he’s had outside of city life.

Is this the first time we’ve fully seen and heard the director that he punched in the face?  I think it is!  If Seishu does go to Tokyo, he’s going to have to find some kind of courage to face him and I sure hope we get to see some hilarious results from that, he definitely deserves it!

Also, another thing I’d like to point out is how often this show re-introduces some of the side characters that have not much revelance to the main story but on the comedy portions.  The nurse showed up again and Tama’s back and forth appearances at the manga shop waiting for her BL to arrive and being all upset about not getting it depicts the lives of these people outside of working together; they have their own hobbies and intentions that all feel extremely real here.  The basketball scene also showed once again how useless Seishu is at athletic sports.  Very funny stuff.


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