Garo -Honō no Kokuin Episode 3

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This is probably one of my favorite shows of this Fall season due to how creative it is–  I typically enjoy most of Amemiya’s works including some of his Tokusatsu live-action shows.  Also anyone following this franchise of Garo or a brand new viewer of it doesn’t have to see the previous live-action series as Kokuin follows a different storyline with entirely new characters.

Once again we can do without a recap, unnecessary time that could be better used for more of the plot.  Still don’t understand why many series do this– is it a decision with the broadcasters in what the creators HAVE to air content wise?

Anyway, with this episode we are finally introduced to an adventure aspect to Garo that we have yet to see so far and rather dark one at that.  With the aftermath of the priest and the Maki Alchemist Ema Guzman behind them, these two Makai Knights are quickly reunited with Ema and end up bringing up the harsh reality of the flames that Leon has.

I really like how the creators have established Leon as this overly serious young man, while his father is the complete opposite: a womanizer that doesn’t seem to have much of a care in the world.  This pair works very well in the father retains the much of the comedy in this series.  This was a great way to tie in getting Leon’s madou ring and the contrast between Makai Alchemists and Knights that with the thanks of a Horror twisted the views that Marcelo carried in his heart about being accepted by Alchemist Gael here.  The repairing process of the Madou Ring by Gael was awesome here–  MAPPA pulled off a traditional style scene that was overturned by Marcelo’s greed and the manipulation that the Horror used in that entire scene was really well done.  So a Makai Knight can be possessed by a Horror—  I can see how this could have happened with Alchemist Mendoza in the past and that may be why he’s got this army of Horrors in the shadow’s of his King’s guards, priests, and people throughout the land.

That ending!  I was wondering when Alfonso would show up, and without the help of a brand new Makai Knight he would have been killed right here.  Can’t wait to see what the rest of this show has up its sleeve!  It is also no wonder how incredible this episode was as Min Sun Kim directed it the same episode director that designed two of the best episodes of Kaiba [9 and 11]!



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