Shingeki no Bahamut: GENESIS Episode 4

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As amazing as last week had been for Bahamut, I had no doubt in my mind we would have an intense and action-packed episode laid out for this episode.  Finally, a show that actually uses a necromancer and puts them to good use–  I love how Rita is slowly being swept into Kaisar’s grand attempts at capturing Favaro all for the sake of satisfying her own loneliness.  The by and large difference between being alone and keeping yourself company with the undead–  that fight between lizard men and zombies adds so much to the whimsical portion of this show that at the start of this show I had expected it to be a straightforward swashbuckling adventure.  This sure was a big surprise!

This might not have been as powerful as the previous episode, but here is where we get a wider view of Favaro and Kaisar’s connection to each other.  Their fathers’ on both sides of the spectrum here–  a knight and a bandit.  Cliche but for the world this series has set its peculiar cast of characters into it somehow worked decently well here.  I will say this just to get this out of the way but the one aspect I did not like was how Favaro and Kaisar were best friends when they were younger.  How many anime series do this and fail miserably?  I can think of a ton–  hopefully Bahamut will transcend this generic anime trope to move on and develop their bond differently.

Amon, a man that betrayed Favaro’s father in the past is betrayed by one of his minions here, oh the irony.  On the lighter side of things, Captain Amon did provide a couple of amusing scenes to this show that we’ve caught in bits and pieces of with Amira being drunk and Favaro constantly lying that some of the scenes between the three of them played out really funny–  Amira thought Amon was Favaro’s mother.

It’s strange though how we went from a a couple of slow-paced episodes to a very fast episode–  Kaisar in order to catch up with Favaro got on a boat really quickly, the camera switch to that scene felt disjointed.  The story just kept on running–  Amon’s a demon to a giant crab and lizard men.  Hell, even a giant tentacle coming out of the sky entangling Amira and Kaisar!?  What?  The pairing of Rita and Favaro towards the end there was completely unexpected–  I gather that there will be a lot of humorous scenes between the two of them in the coming episodes.


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