PSYCHO-PASS 2 Episode 4

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Tastunoko did fairly decent at re-designing the animation to look more like season one, even the music for this episode was more orchestral and less electronic than it has ever been this entire season so far.  I’m not going to jump the gun and say that every scene looked fantastic as there were a few expressions here that Shimotsuki and Aoyonagi gave off that looked off but nevertheless it is a step in the right direction for the animation studio.   As for the music, thinking back, those first few episodes ended up having background music that all sounded very similar, the sounds were completely different than it’s predecessor, here though we are finally getting a small taste of what made the original series so good in terms of musical style as well.  Good to see the crew with Yuugo Kanno slowly returning to that.

Leaving off with that huge cliffhanger last time we end up getting a bureaucratic view of the Sibyl System and how it strictly follows its designation between criminals and victims–  in short, its all one sided.  The people trapped inside of the health care center are just like all of society: ingrained in believing in the system, but here is where this season two is able to tear this down in a completely new way.  As we saw in the first season when a young woman was beaten right in front of a crowd to proving how strong the bystander effect is within Sibyl, here we’ve got an isolated area where a similar situation is happening and among the victims is Inspector Aoyanagi for specific reasons by Kamui.  To further establish that the Sibyl System can be changed from Kamui’s perspective, from the outside–  this leads to dangerous effects which results in not just high stress levels of people but a slaughter by the end of it.  This episode handled something very well here in that it used Kasei with everything that had taken place from season one to establish this topple of the balance of power between Divisions 1 and 3 quite dramatically.  Shimotsuki was beside herself after those people started running out of the building–  her snobbish attitude in the faith she held for the Sibyl System was completely handed to her here which will undoubtedly mold her into a stronger inspector OR kill her.

Akane Tsunemori learned quite a lot from Kogami as we can see her utilize detective skills very well here too–  Kamui experimenting with Inspectors including testing out Dominators to see who all can be judged, Akane is able to ascertain a lot of this from questioning Masuda and its impressive to get a glimpse of her growth from last season to this more empowering female lead that she has become.


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