Shingeki no Bahamut: GENESIS Episode 5

vlcsnap-2014-11-19-11h30m19s140 vlcsnap-2014-11-19-11h30m49s187 vlcsnap-2014-11-19-11h32m48s74 vlcsnap-2014-11-19-11h36m29s251

Aside from having a few issues, this episode used its main characters very well.  The rivalry between Kaisar and Favaro has been slowly built up since the very beginning and it’s in this episode that we receive the interaction between them over spilt blood between families and friends.  The result?  All throughout this show we’ve had slow pacing, which works in some spots and others it just drags on, but at last the fight here was packed with so much intensity that it came off just right!  Favoro is very much the comedy aspect of this show and a huge contrast to Kaisar as this representation of a straight-laced knight, but in reality isn’t a knight but a bandit just like Favaro.  You can definitely see the director of Tiger & Bunny put this show together–  both have extremely expressive characters that deliver their emotions quite realistically.

To end the feud between them and come to their senses that they need to save Amira could only have been done by Rita.  Since her introduction in the third episode she has been my favorite character in this series as she can be extremely funny and practical when it comes to solving situations.  There was an immediate solid chemistry between her and Favaro that was probably more humorous than when he traveled with Amira in the earlier parts of this series.

As great as this show has been there are a few things that bug me– Azazel is a demon trying to claim the power of the God’s Key within Amira but why was he even seen in Favaro’s flashback regarding his own family?  If he killed his father and probably not likely but if it happens that Favaro IS secretly a demon even prior to Amira’s pact with him than it makes these plot threads way too coincidental.

Jeanne D’Arc and those knights were more prevalent in this than they had ever been before.  If she is an important part to the story, than why did the writers bring her in so late into this story?  She is probably one of the most prominent figures in European history and has been used in a ton of anime–  Inzazuma Eleven Go, Hidan no Aria, Hetalia Axis Powers, Makai Ouji and the most recent Nobunaga the Fool.  In Nobunaga, she may have had a lead part but was portrayed as a damsel in distress for the most of the anime.  I really hope that can turn around Jeanne D’Arc’s character in Bahamut by breaking the mold and push her away from the minor role as all these anime series have done in the past.


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