Shingeki no Bahamut: GENESIS Episode 6

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Another slow-paced episode that explains just a bit more about Azazel, the God’s Key, and Amira.  So the king including Jeanne D’Arc are under the bidding of the three-angel Gods and it is revealed that Amira is both angel and demon.  Well this felt all too forced and way too convenient in that the trio Favaro, Kaisar and Rita are saved from execution by the king in accordance with the wishes of the Gods.

That whole first part was poorly developed and too easy for the main cast to get out of–  however, I thought Amira’s tantrum towards Favaro was pretty genuine.  I just don’t like how one scene they were chained up and about to die and then the next they are free to roam the city protected by the King’s guards.  Hopefully the next episode will clear all the problems this episode has with its pacing.  However, on a good note Jeanne D’Arc once again finally gets more screen time, and I don’t even care that her attack was so silly (flash of lighting)that it took  out all of those demons.  Its about time she shows up and not in the background!

The big question remains whether her change into the prophesied holy knight to destroy Bahamut will actually happen or will it be reversed by using Kaisar as that knight to redeem his family’s honor– one thing is certain now:  she will be an integral part of the story that Shingeki no Bahamut has given us so far.


1 thought on “Shingeki no Bahamut: GENESIS Episode 6

  1. I think the episode was a good chance for the series to catch its breath and set up the next bit. I can see a power struggle developing between Joan and the King because she looks very, very taken up with her powers and religious zealotry. I don’t really have a problem with the King simply letting the gang free because Angel’s told him to and also this is a swashbuckling adventure that’s moving at a cracking pace.

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