PSYCHO-PASS 2 Episode 6

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I was quite disappointed with this episode for many reasons and I hope Tatsunoko Productions can up the ante for this series because this episode sure had some poorly drawn sequences.  Karanomori had a few horrible facial expressions and I hope that this isn’t a sign that the budget is lowering for a season that isn’t even close to what the first season was.

Makishima Shogo was an asymptomatic serial killer void of any emotion that provided some rather fantastic interactions between civilians and the public safety bureau.  People that obeyed the system to the core others that were being influenced by him is a huge part of what made Psycho-Pass’ season 1 such a huge success.  Just about every scene that had him appear in was well-written and never a dull moment, but this season has just been bad in terms of villains.

Kamui is entirely different story here, he shows emotion as we saw in a much earlier episode crying over losing comrades yet his regard for killing inspectors and enforcers this episode was the complete opposite!  Bad writing has resulted in everything that we had here and it’s times like these I wish Gen Urobuchi would just take over in the writing department.

Another part of this I did not like is how they’ve emphasized that Togane is going to be a hindrance to Akane later on especially with the focus on him working behind the scenes to investigate Akane’s very-own psycho-pass.  Shimotsuki in all certainty has been shaken up by what she has seen in his room in hopes to protect her senior inspector.  I can see this backfiring completely on her eventually–  resulting in her death or someone else’s.  The roles have reversed from Season 1 into this one.  Akane has taken the role of Kogami’s out-of-the-box methods in solving cases, Shimotsuki is the rookie just as Akane which is a good transition to see but for the sake of time could end up having some poorly executed plot threads in terms of characterization.

As for the holo-designer Sho there has been little to no role for him which I really have to wonder if the creators aren’t aiming in developing him further by rushing it at the very end.  Even Yayoi and Karanomori there hasn’t been much in the way of development for them this season.

These past few episodes have dismantled my theory that Kamui is an inside job to destroy Sibyl.  I say this only because of how many people have been slaughtered in the past four episodes–  it wouldn’t make much sense for the Division I to pull this off in a gore-like manner that was present here.

I find it peculiar that Akane saw Kogami in Togane during the final scene–  yeah they might have had real weapons pointed at killers at one time but with all that is going on with Togane I don’t see many similarities.  Also how has Akane built such a strong enough partner relationship with him that he rivals Kogami?  Strange.

Thinking how Togane is the same height and weight of Kogami it would be a cry and shame to see him revealed to be Kogami in a future episode.  The cigarettes that Akane she is seen with lighting up and breathing in even down to her investigation methods are a call to Kogami and IF Togane is him would completely deconstruct how much she has matured from Season 1 into Season 2.


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