Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 7

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Kousei, Kaori, Tsubaki, Watari–  they don’t cry often but when they do it’s quite powerful. Last time we saw Tsubaki go through quite a lot in discovering her feelings for Kousei that it can by and large affect her to the point of losing a baseball game.  The womanizing, calmly collected Watari even has his moments–  consoling another player after losing the soccer match only in the very next scene crying by himself in the bathroom proved to be very smooth pacing on the episode director’s part in adapting from the source material of the manga.

Great to see such an impact being reflected on him when Kousei thinks of him as cool–  loving how much depth the writers have put into creating a dynamic between the lead cast!  Kousei falls overs from passing out was a big indication that he has issues with self-identity.  He’s not sure where he fits in and the cat in the beginning part of this episode not to mention throughout provided a bit more backstory in how his mother’s aspirations to straighten her son out with the idea that playing the piano should be the only important aspect of his life shows up quite well in his character.

Kaori’s carefree attitude helps push aside the feelings of neglect here–  he needs to grow and mature and by having her around influencing his music that we can really see his world opening quite a bit.  I love their interactions in this episode as she wants to take care of him and the musical talent he has that lies underneath–  it’s in this that slowly illustrates their bond and alternate way of communicating their feelings.  Through music.

The first part of this may have dragged along but the second half introduced two fantastic people rather quickly that will drive Kousei’s character out of the realm he is used to–  his mother’s teachings and Kaori’s delicate attitude of brushing yourself off and getting back on stage.  I had hoped we’d get to see how well Emi and Takeshi would perform considering how dead set they’ve been on desperately wanting Kousei to take notice of their talents–  however, Kousei’s fear of playing on stage again and the slow-capturing scene right at the end with Takeshi walking onto the stage more than made up for what we could’ve had here.  I want to point out very quickly that it wasn’t just Kousei who was nervous but the director managed to show a few other performers that were shaking, and this is great to see!  A genuine view of what these young music performers are going through in their own worlds!

A problem I do have is how the score was written for this episode as I really do hope that the composer uses a different song for the cliffhanger ending because we’ve had this same song in about four previous episodes so far.  It sounds amazing and the best piece I’ve heard so far but don’t try to oversell it!


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