Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 10

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I’m going to say this now before moving any further–  this was an oddly-paced episode, because we not only had Shimada’s insane bloodbath but we were presented with an epilogue.  It’s not that I didn’t like it I absolutely loved this episode, but it felt strange at first.  I was caught off guard that they didn’t turn this into one big fight episode–  however that is something fantastic about Kiseijū–  it knows how to carry itself when it needs to.

The creators if they had wanted to could have very much ended the season or series for that matter right here.  I am very glad that this is NOT the case here as from what I’ve been hearing there is quite a lot left over from the manga to adapt.  The story here went further to show what the police have been doing to investigate these grisly murders within the school and throughout Japan and more importantly what they’ve learned about these parasites.

Aside from the pacing this was an enjoyable episode that really showed its colors that what   Kiseijū truly is underneath it all is a horror series!  Yuuko was the crucial piece of this episode that controlled everything that happened here–  the bottle she had affected Shimada’s thoughts collectively after it was poured on him–  unable to change back to a human appearance he was left with one choice and this was what brought about the slaughter of quite a few teachers and the entire class of 3-3.  We are also learning more about the parasites themselves here–  Migi sensing a disjoint in Shimada’s behavior ultimately re-emphasizes that even he doesn’t understand how their chemistry works.

I’m surprised that Yuuko lived through this, falling through that tree was the only smart choice here because she would have most certainly been killed.  This was intense, and Shinichi’s affect on seeing Shimada’s aftermath of Class 3-3 was about the first time we’ve seen him show any emotion since his mother’s appearance as a parasite quite some time ago.  His desperation and hope that Murano wasn’t killed off depicts that he still has a level of human nature left inside of him and this was especially noticeable when he pulled the dead student’s body closer to see their face hoping that it wasn’t Murano’s.  Luckily her safety is what makes Shinichi stronger here considering how far and fast that rock was thrown and its this motivation that forces him to kill Shimada–  powerful scene where he was up on the roof.

The director here did a wonderful job at shifting this horrible situation as a show with some surprising dark comedy elements added in: when Shinichi described that the government didn’t open up about the existence of parasites but that people started greeting each other by pulling out each other’s hair left me laughing a little bit.  Then there is that overly energetic scientist discussing the evidence he’s gathered regarding the parasites.  It’s a lighter side of this series that is finally showing up since the first few episodes had an entrance and it’s been awhile but hopefully some good can come out of this.

There is also the fact that after saving Murano he more than made up for his behavioral issues with Murano thinking he’s not himself.  It’s about time because this guy has been through the ringer since episode five.  It’s this epilogue as odd as it might have been for me worked very well in that it makes light of a very horrendous event that transitions what even the past two episodes have done so well at which was build up!  It amazes me how well director Kenichi Shimizu was able to segue from all of those tense situations–  Shinichi finding out his mom is dead and he has to kill her parasitic form, meeting Uda, seeing his father depressed, hurting Murano, scaring Yano’s gang, seeing his classroom slaughtered and witnessing all of this while undergoing physical and mental changes to this tactful ending so effectively!  Incredible!


1 thought on “Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 10

  1. Horror is hard to pull off – it takes more than blood and guts – but this episode was full of it and I was so tense and nervous during the whole school attack. It was absolutely horrible. The writers and actors did brilliantly to keep the character dynamics front and centre amidst all of the carnage and so when Migi and Shinichi coached each other through the terrible sights and fights, it was a gratifying evolution of their relationship!

    The most satisfying bit was seeing Murano and Shinichi back together in some form. You’re right, he needs a break!

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