Garo -Honō no Kokuin Episode 8

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Fantastic!  I can really feel that Amemiya was trying something new with this rendition of Garo in the franchise with the previous episode and this one here used as setup by implementing the same timeline from different perspectives which created entirely unique stories here!

Leon gets trapped in a collection of dreams while Herman runs through town escaping bandits and pursuing his sexual escapades with women would probably sum up this episode and the last one.  Funny part of this is how he gets swindled by Irene and winds up running for his life completely naked–  the two women chatting about the mysterious man gives off quite the view of Herman that just proves how humorous he can be filled in a world with so much death from the Horrors.  I do wonder if we will run into the laundry woman again, because we saw her twice and really poured out a serious side out of Herman.

What a great transition to use here to shift its plot back to the heart of what was really going on with his son Leon.  Ema is up there as one of my favorite characters due to how well she manages herself as an Alchemist in front of Makai Knights–  they don’t have much of an alliance she just kind of shows up here and there but it’s the aspect of mystery that I love about her character.  Also that I get the feeling that she might have more of a personal motive than she lets on.  She was also a great way to bridge the timeframe of what was going from this episode and the previous one by introducing Bernardo and the truth that Garm had the feeling he was going to encounter him sooner or later.

The result from Herman’s discussion with Garm was known other than a flashback and an incredibly well-written one at that!  I take flashbacks with a grain of salt because it can be very easy to dismantle the main cast of a show if these aren’t paced or even written with solid effort–  thinking of the big shonen series of Bleach and Naruto here.  This though was paced so smoothly within the span of four minutes that it just lingered in the background for me because Herman has already been built up so well in this series that having these extra tidbits of information pushes him even further as an amazing character!  It’s the younger days of Herman as we finally get a view of Leon’s mother Anna and the revelations as to why Bernardo claimed his authority towards Mendoza.

This entire episode had done something spectacular by placing these scenes here–  we have a better understanding of why Herman acts for his son and the numerous women he’s spent nights with still grieving over the loss of Anna.  Curious how the other members of the family, Esmeralda and Alfonso will react when or if they will meet Leon and Herman.

Getting betrayed once was enough for Herman to understand he wasn’t going to get fooled a second time, but what worked out conveniently well was that Donatoa thief in her group turns out to be a Horror.  Had to watch this a few times to grasp that Herman’s not there to protect his son but find his own direction and path towards finding his own strength as well.  It’s this point that reflects the previous episode in that Leon lost to Bernardo but gradually found a key to success in defeating the crazy town’s Pepe and that’s his duty as a Makai Knight.

Sadayuki Murai wrote the story to the previous episode and it’s no wonder due to how deeply bizarre it was and it does make sense for this script writers’ style.  As he’s behind the creation of Boogiepop Phantom one of my favorite anime series of the 90’s.  What is even more impressive is how well it flowed into this story with Shigeru Murakoshi’s script here–  an adapted screenplay writer of Sidonia no Kishi!

I also what to make note here that another season of this just got announced as well as a feature film!  With how solid the direction has been with this series I am curious as to what Amemiya has left up his sleeve for this show that will be running another cour!


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